MixCode releases the opening animation of the new season for the CITIC Brothers. The disordered and wild strokes bring out the sense of speed and the explosive force of the baseball team. We excite the fans. We boost morale. We generate the power for the baseball team to achieve victory in the following competitions!
Client : CITIC Brothers Baseball
Producer : Plugin B&V
Director : MixCode Studio / 混合編碼工作室
Design : Plugin B&V , MixCode Studio / 混合編碼工作室
Art : MixCode Studio / 混合編碼工作室
Animator : Chiunyi.ko / 柯鈞譯 , TuBo Lee / 李孟栩 , Hou Jyun Lin / 林浩鈞
Animation Assistant: Mibo Lin / 林芷君
Music : Pongo / 彭郁哲
Vocal : Wang Wei Shohn / 王為翔
Mocap Actor : Terry Tank / 劉楷捷


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